1968 Wah
The Deane-Freeman "1968 Wah" is built around the reissued yellow "Fasel" inductor and represents a "tweaked" version of the most popular wah circuit of 1968. The circuit topology is the same but we've tuned some resistor values to get the sound we like.
Our wah pedals feature true bypass switching and what we believe is the best wah pot ever built - the McCon-O-Pot II - this pot is rated for 2 million turns (as opposed to many pots of ten thousand or so!), is sealed and uses conductive plastic instead of carbon - it will never go scratchy! Most importantly it was a wider effective range of travel so you get much more control at the treble end...I can't say enough good things about this pot! I encourage everyone to try one in their own wah...or buy one of ours!
AUD $250.00 (free worldwide shipping)