Fugu Fuzz
This is our recreation of the "Shin Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz" from the 1970's - one of the ugliest, harshest, nastiest sounding fuzzes of all time - it really sounds like something's broken and smoke's about to start coming out!
I was in two minds about releasing this pedal because it's such a nasty sound but everyone who plays it has a huge grin - there's a kind of mad joy in the horribleness of the sound!
The original pedal had two main problems (besides it's horrible sound!) - the fuzz sound was quieter than the bypassed sound and there was no control over the amount of fuzz.
We've added an extra gain stage to fix the volume issue - which is great because it now has enough gain to drive any amp insane (see where the "output" control is pointed in the video!).
We also added an input control to get some variation in tone and amount of fuzz - when the "input" control is turned fully up the effect is the same as the original - turning it down gets less fuzz and a more "gated" tone (spitty attack and fast decay).
The "flavour" control was labelled "fuzz" on the original units but it doesn't exactly control the amount of fuzz - it pans between the outputs of the first and second transistors (fully counter-clockwise is the first transistor only - fully clockwise is both transistors).
The Companion Fuzz was most famously used on The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Psychocandy" album and Radiohead's "Myxomatosis"
It's always described as "an acquired taste"...
You can acquire it here!
AUD$170.00 (free shipping worldwide)