Fuzz Wright
This is our recreation of the 1967 silicon "Mosrite Fuzzrite" circuit with added true bypass switching and LED. The "Fuzzrite" was most famousluy used on "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" but was only availabe for a limited time before Mosrite went out of business.
The circuit, designed by Ed Sanner was also sold as the "Guild Foxey Lady" (which was also the basis for the EH "Axis Fuzztone").
The circuit has a buzzy, agressive fuzz with a kind of nasal quality caused by the topology of the transistors - the "depth" control pans between the outputs of the two transistors (like the "Fugu Fuzz") but in the "Fuzz Wright" the transistors are out of phase with each other which creates the EQ peaks and troughs that produce this unique texture and tone.
Now there is some debate about the "correct" schematic - most clones (and there are many!) including ours use the "incorrect" schematic because the addition of one resistor which the originals are supposed to have makes the pedal excessively, piercingly, painfully trebly.
Now I don't believe all the originals had this resistor but regardless, without it it is a much more usable effect which retains the out of phase chrunchiness of the best original units I've heard.

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