Professional Mk II
This is our recreation of the 1966 Sola Sound/Vox Tonebender professional MK II fuzz pedal.
This pedal was famously associated with Jimmy Page from Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin I but was a popular pedal throughout England and beyond.
The Tonebender went through many changes and the different models are different circuits altogether
The Mk II has a gloriously massive fuzz sound but has the almost unique ability to produce clear, articulate lead tones even at full fuzz settings
Individual notes leap out of the cacophony of fuzz in a way hardly any other fuzz pedals are able to acheive.
The fuzz itself is also BIG and very smooth - unlike many buzzy fuzzes of its era.
Our recreation is identical to the original except for added LED, socketed germanium transistors which are selected for tone and noise and are properly biased.
And we've added our voltage inverter daughter board which enables all our germanium pedals to retain their original PNP, positive ground circuits, but run on conventional, negative earth power and safely daisy-chain with "regular" pedals.
AUD$200.00 (free shipping worldwide)